Port Akdeniz

Within the last 14 years, GIH has been able to grow its total assets by 29 times and total equity by 11 times, and as such accomplished its transformation from a brokerage firm into a diversified conglomerate.

Global Investment Holdings (GIH) is a diversified conglomerate with investments in a number of businesses; including port infrastructure, energy generation, compressed natural gas distribution, mining, real estate development and brokerage & asset management. GIH focuses on maximizing shareholder value by diversifying investments in its operational areas and through agile investment strategies. Since 1990, the year the Group was established as a brokerage firm, it has transformed into a dynamic investment vehicle by focusing on a variety of nascent business sectors and traditional non-banking financial service providers that offer high growth potential with ‘first mover’ advantages. GIH functions as an umbrella to manage key issues, such as investment, financing, organization, and management, of its affiliates by participating in their capital and management.

At this time, Global Investment Holdings Group operates in four key business areas:

  • Port Infrastructure: Operation of cruise ports and commercial sea - ports
  • Energy: Renewable and clean energy generation, compressed natural gas sales and distribution, energy efficiency and mining
  • Real Estate: Development and operation of real estate projects
  • Finance: Non-banking financial services, including brokerage, ad - visory and asset management

Global Investment Holdings trades on the Borsa Istanbul under the ticker symbol "GLYHO".


Going forward, the Group’s new strategy is to develop regional and global enterprises only in selected core businesses: port infrastructure, clean energy and asset management. This focus will allow GIH to target its resources more efficiently and expand more rapidly in these strategic, high growth areas.

  • Expansion of all our portfolio companies.
  • Create a worldwide & class asset (consolidating the cruise port industry around the globe).
  • Attach value to portfolio companies.
  • Create regional / international entities with the core focus on port infrastructure, clean energy, and asset management.
  • Opportunistic approach to new business areas.

Port Infrastructure: To continue fast paced inorganic growth in the Caribbean and Asia, and to focus on ensuring organic growth by increasing revenues at existing ports

Clean Energy: To develop innovative green energy solutions by making use of long-term, attractive and guaranteed tariffs

Asset Management: To become a leader in asset management with our strategic partner Centricus

Global Investment Holdings aims to become a leader in its operations, to initiate new and innovative projects with growth potential and to become a pioneer in developing and evolving the business environment around the world.

The Holding is committed to developing a portfolio of competitive companies, within the sectors in which it operates, with strong and healthy growth prospects in conformity with global standards. The Holding is also responsible for updating strategies for its subsidiaries, along the lines of the changing local and global environment, as to ensure their quick adaptations to changing business conditions and help their continuous growth.



  • Global Ports Holding Plc (GPH), the largest independent cruise port operator in the world, operating 21 ports, including two commercial ports, in 13 different countries on 4 continents
  • Serves c.14 million passengers annually, with an established presence in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, Asia-Pacific regions.
  • Listed on the London Stock Exchange

Port Portfolio:
Caribbean: Havana Cruise Port, Nassau Cruise Port, Antigua Cruise Port
Adriatic: Bar Cruise Port & Port of Adria (commercial), Ravenna Cruise Port, Venice Cruise Port, Zadar Cruise Port
West Mediterranean: Lisbon Cruise Port, Barcelona Cruise Port, Cagliari Cruise Port, Catania Cruise Port, Valetta Cruise Port, Malaga Cruise Port, La Goulette Cruise Port
East Mediterranean: Bodrum Cruise Port, Ege Port Kuşadası
Asia: Singapore Cruise Port, Ha Long Cruise Port



  • Co/Tri-generation with 54.1 MW installed capacity at eight different points in Turkey
  • Biomass power plants with a total installed capacity of 29.2 MW at three separate facilities
  • 2 Solar power plant with 16.8 MWp installed capacity of which 10.8 MWp in operation and 6 MWp will be operational in 2022


  • One of the leading company in Turkish non-piped natural gas market (CNG: Compressed Natural Gas / LNG: Liquefied Natural Gas) in terms of station infrastructure and bulk sales volumes
  • Controls around c.20% market share in Turkey’s total non-piped natural gas market


  • One of Turkey’s leading players in industrial minerals with ~ 1.0 million tons feldspar annual production capacity


Developing and operating real estate projects.

  • Consolidated total gross leasable area: 84,797 m2
  • Retail sector gross leasable area: 63,502 m2
  • Other leasable areas: 21,295 m2


Asset Management:

  • One of the leading independent players in the market serving domestic, international, corporate and individual investors with its innovative product portfolio.


  • Ranking among Turkey’s leading independent brokerage firms offering securities and derivatives trading and portfolio management services to international and domestic corporate investors.


Cruise and commercial port operating activities


Clean and renewable energy production, compressed natural gas sales and distribution, energy efficiency and mining


Developing and operating real estate projects


Non-banking financial services such as brokerage, advisory and asset management

Büyükdere Cad. No: 193 Şişli İstanbul      (212) 244 6000      investor@global.com.tr