Names, surnames and duties of persons, who could have access to insider information as of October 13, 2023, are listed below:

Mehmet KUTMAN Chair - CEO
Erol GÖKER Vice-Chair
Ayşegül BENSEL Board Member
Serdar KIRMAZ Board Member
Oğuz SATICI Board Member
Hüseyin Faik AÇIKALIN Board Member – Independent
Gülsüm AZERİ Board Member – Independent
Ferdağ ILDIR Group Chief Financial Officer
Uğur AYDIN Chief Legal Counsel
Mehmet Ali DENİZ Group Director, M&A
Barış HOCAOĞLU CEO, İstanbul Portföy
Aslı Gülhan SU ATA Group Director, Investor Relations and Corporate Communication
Osman Kaan COŞKUN Manager, Investor Relations and Corporate Communication
Murat ENGİN Group Director, Information Technologies
Kerem SEÇKİN Director , M&A
Cevdet Caner AKÇALI Director, M&A
İzzet Alp GÜL Senior Associate, M&A
Nur KIRILMAZ Manager, Accounting
Serdar TARIM Group Director, Budgeting & Reporting
Turgay BAYRAM Manager, Budgeting & Reporting
Yaman ALTAY Senior Specialist, Budgeting & Reporting
Gözde KİTAPCI Legal Counsel
Mert TAŞPOLAT Group Manager, Internal Audit and Compliance
Ümit CANTÜRK Chief of Treasury
Gökhan ÖZER Secretary General & Spokesperson
Ercan Nuri ERGÜL Board Member, Global Ports Holding
Jerome Bernard Jean Auguste BAYLE Board Member, Global Ports Holding
Ece GÜRSOY Chief Legal Counsel, Global Ports Holding
Jan FOMFERRA CFO, Global Ports Holding
Stephen XUEREB COO, Global Ports Holding
Martin BROWN Investors Relations Director, Global Ports Holding
Çınar MIZRAK IFRS Controlling Manager, Global Ports Holding
Kaan SAADETLİOĞLU Legal Counsel, Global Ports Holding
Hasan Tahsin TURAN CEO, Naturelgaz
Nevin ERTUĞRUL CFO, Naturelgaz
Sibel KEKLİK Budget Planing and Reporting Manager, Naturelgaz
Oğuzhan TAÇKIN Legal Counsel, Naturelgaz
Feyzullah Tahsin BENSEL Board Member, Consus Energy
Atay ARPACIOĞULLARI CEO, Consus Energy Energy
Muhammet ER Head of Finance, Consus Energy
Ali CEYLAN Department head, Budgeting and Reporting, Consus Energy
Çetin KEŞAPLI Treasury, Consus Energy
Ece BAYRAKTAR Legal Counsel, Consus Energy
Gülşeyma DOĞANÇAY CEO, Global Securities
Emre YİĞİT   Consultant, Office of the Chair of the Board
Ali Satvet KÖŞKLÜ Legal Counsel, Office of the Chair of the Board
Ceyda UYSALCI Executive Assistant, Office of the Chair of the Board
Gülşah KABİL Executive Assistant, Office of the Chair of the Board
Sevim SAĞLAM Executive Assistant
Dilek ARAS Executive Assistant
Güzel DÜZGÜN Executive Assistant
Gizem ATKIN Assistant, Legal
Uğur NOYAN Experienced Assistance, Legal

In addition to the persons indicated above,

  • Independent audit company employees, persons engaged in financial control, audit, appraisal and rating processes, and
  • Certified Public Accountants serving our company, although their names are not written here, are deemed to be able to have access to insider information as well.


Cruise and commercial port operating activities


Clean and renewable energy production, compressed natural gas sales and distribution, energy efficiency and mining


Developing and operating real estate projects


Non-banking financial services such as brokerage, advisory and asset management

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