Founded in 1990, Global Securities is a BIST-listed company which provides brokerage, financial advisory as well as corporate finance and research services

Established in 1990, Global Securities is a BIST-listed firm that provides brokerage and financial advisory, as well as corporate finance and research services to individuals and corporates, local and international investors. The company’s core business is delivering securities, asset management and derivatives trading services to international and domestic clients.

In 2004, when Global Investment Holdings became an investment holding company, it spun off its brokerage and related businesses to a new, wholly-owned subsidiary, Global Securities. Following its 2011 public share offering, Global Securities became listed on Borsa Istanbul (BIST).

In June 2015, Global Securities completed the acquisition of a 100% stake in Eczacıbaşı Securities, another non-bank owned major brokerage company, and the target firm’s subsidiary Emdaş Asset Management, for TL 22.1 million. The acquisition of Eczacıbaşı Securities, which combines two deep rooted and respected companies under one roof, created considerable synergy, resulting in one of largest independent brokerage companies in the sector.

Over the years, Global Securities has received 40 international awards with its many accomplishments in Turkey. These include “The Non-Bank Intermediary Institution with the Biggest Trading Volume since the Founding of Borsa Istanbul.”

Global Securities has assisted nearly 80 corporations with their initial public offering (IPO)s, totalling USD 5 billion to the Turkish capital markets.

Global Securities had a market share of 1.9% with an equity trading volume of TL 80.4 billion, ranking 16th among domestic brokerage houses in 2019

Formulated with the vision of being an industry pioneer in Turkey, Global Securities’ core strategy is to serve its clients with the deep know-how and experience it has accumulated over the years as a leading and dependable brokerage.



Cruise and commercial port operating activities


Clean and renewable energy production, compressed natural gas sales and distribution, energy efficiency and mining


Developing and operating real estate projects


Non-banking financial services such as brokerage, advisory and asset management

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