Global Investment Holdings is one of very few companies to combine biomass collection and power plant operations under a single roof

Global Investment Holdings is Turkey’s leading biomass power producer from residues and waste from agricultural fields, forests, and livestock, with a total installed capacity of 29.2 MW at its Aydın - Söke (12 MW), Mardin - Derik (12 MW) and Şanlıurfa - Haliliye (5.2 MW) power plants. These facilities generate about 200 kWh of electricity per annum, meeting the electricity requirement of over 80 thousand households; they are subject to the Renewable Energy Resources Support Mechanism (YEKDEM), selling electricity at 13.3 dollar-cent/kWh.

Biomass method for electricity generation involves the process of combustion and steam cycle technology using agricultural (mainly cotton and corn) residues, animal manure, and forestry residues where this method of electricity production is not adopted by many players in the Turkish market. Global Investment Holdings aims to reduce Turkey’s dependence on energy imports and thereby contribute to the national economy. The Company’s efforts also promise significant regional employment opportunities. These clean and domestic resources, which are collected and converted from the field in an environmentally conscious manner, are a type of renewable energy.

Global Investment Holdings is one of very few companies to combine biomass collection and power plant operation under a single roof.

Global Investment Holdings, pursuant to its strategy related to biomass supply security, has entered into long-term contractual agreements with both private and state-owned farms. The scope of the contracts includes the rights to Access and collect, or receive, biomass from the respective facility or farm.

Global Investment Holdings will remain an industry pioneer, spearheading the development of biomass projects in various locations across Turkey to achieve a substantial installed biomass capacity.


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