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One of Turkey’s leading players in industrial minerals with around 1 million tons feldspar annual production capacity

In 2013, Global Investment Holdings Group invested in the feldspar sector with the acquisition of Straton Maden, where it currently owns a 97.7% stake. Straton Maden has become a leading player in the global feldspar market.

Feldspar is extensively used in the glass, ceramics and paint industries. Known for its high quality, low iron and titanium content, sodium feldspar in Turkey is mainly extracted in the provinces of Manisa, Kütahya, Aydın and Muğla. With overall reserves of 250 million tons, Turkey holds 15% of the world’s total known feldspar resources. Today, Turkey is the world leader in feldspar mining, with annual production exceeding 6 million tons, around 80% of which is exported. Key export markets include Spain, Italy, Russia, Lebanon, Egypt, Germany, Poland, Israel, Algeria, Romania and markets in Asia. Straton Maden has significant total reserves of 20 million tons feldspar in its licensed field of operation.

The company’s annual production capacity is about 1 million tons. Eighty percent of its production is exported to Italy, Spain and Egypt for use in the glass and ceramics industries.

Straton Maden extracts feldspar in the most efficient and environmentally responsible manner while producing higher value feldspar products. To this end, the company has completed a capital investment program to establish new separation and enrichment facilities, while expanding existing production capacity. Thanks to these new facilities, Straton Maden has substantially increased its production and feldspar sales volume. The company has also diversified its customer base by entering new export markets. Today, Straton Maden ranks among the leading players in the industry.

European Standards
Straton Maden boasts a well-established customer base and ensures that each product offered fully meets European market quality and service standards. Following its acquisition by Global Investment Holdings, Straton has continued to add significant value to the Turkish economy by exporting natural resources. Since completing capital investments back in 2016, Straton Maden has continued to boost production, product quality and sales volumes by deploying world-class advanced technologies.

Currently, demand for feldspar is rising across various industries. Feldspar increases the impermeability and durability of final products in the ceramics industry, facilitating higher yields. The increased use of glass in packaging in response to the detrimental effects of plastics on the environment and human health has also boosted demand for feldspar, which is used for insulation and clarity in the glass industry.


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