Dear Stakeholders,

2022 was a year of significant, if troubled, recovery for the world. For our Group, we saw a complete return to regular operations in 2022 and began to reap the profits of our corporate vision.

The global backdrop can be said to have been largely benign for our subsidiaries, and this is expected to continue to some degree in 2023.

With our pioneering role in all industries we operate, we have set serious targets to achieve the goal of a sustainable world. We manage all companies in our portfolio in line with these targets. As one of the leading actors in the industries we operate in, we have a crucial responsibility in achieving the sustainability goals of the industries. For example, the cruise industry is searching for ways to increase its contribution to sustainable world goals. The industry has a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55 percent by 2030. We, as the world’s largest cruise port operator, also play a pioneering role in line with this goal.

To this end, we, as Global Yatırım Holding, make investments in areas such as efficient energy use, waste recycling, water consumption, and utilization of renewable energy, and develop and manage projects in line with the sustainability goals.

Low carbon footprint projects, use of solar energy, use of electric vehicles, generating power from oceans and tides, destination sustainability, development of self-contained terminals, and coastal power connection projects are some of the initiatives we, as Global Yatırım Holding, work on for sustainability.

Mehmet Kutman



Cruise and commercial port operating activities


Clean and renewable energy production, compressed natural gas sales and distribution, energy efficiency and mining


Developing and operating real estate projects


Non-banking financial services such as brokerage, advisory and asset management

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