In line with our objective to rising while creating difference, we conduct our relations with the employees, contractors, suppliers, customers and the local people in the regions in which we operate with an eye to having a positive effect on all our stakeholders.


Although Global Investment Holdings and its subsidiaries are not active outside the OECD countries, we take the necessary steps to manage any impact our operations could cause in terms of human rights. We carry out our operations in compliance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Labor Organization’s (ILO) Conventions. Accordingly, we act with the understanding that any negative influence our operations could have on local residents in the areas where we operate must be prevented and any potential negative effects must be intervened.

In conformity with human rights principles, we are absolutely against child labor and/or forced labor at Global Investment Holdings and also observe the same principles in choosing suppliers and contractors. We encourage compliance with these principles in the contracts we enter into. Sustainable Development Goals 8 “Humane Business and Economic Growth” emphasizes human rights in the work environment for ensuring sustainable development.


The Board of Directors is responsible for the higher-level supervision of the Human Rights Policy approval and the identification and operating of notification, inspection and sanctioning mechanisms in case of the violation of the rules and regulations. Senior management is responsible for the preparation, development, creation and updating of the Human Rights Policy. The Policy is reviewed by the Corporate Governance Committee at regular intervals and at least once a year and the practices are regularly followed up. Additionally, the Policy is distributed to all staff at the company. We include this Policy in the contracts we execute with our main partners, suppliers and third parties, and contact state officials if human rights are threatened in the regions or countries where we operate. You can write to about any issues that are in violation of the Human Rights Policy. The Audit Department has not received any notifications regarding human rights.


Global Investment Holdings and its subsidiaries are committed to integrating social, environmental, ethical, and human rights concerns into the Group’s business operations and core strategy, in close collaboration with stakeholders and the communities where it operates.

The Company values philanthropic engagements that promote Turkey and improve the social, cultural and economic environment, benefiting the country and its citizens, both locally and nationally.

The Company’s sponsorship activities in 2021 continued to support sports, educational, charitable, cultural and social causes, and related projects and events.

Global Run

People from all over the world come together to run for cultural tolerance at the Global Run. Global Run is an annual race organized by Global Ports Holding with the hope of bringing the world one step closer to peace and understanding. Global Run has been held in Bodrum, Turkey; Valletta, Malta; Bar/Kotor, Montenegro, Ravenna, Italy and Barcelona, Spain. The goal is to host the Global Run wherever GPH has a growing portfolio worldwide. The last Global Run was held in 2019. Global Run events could not be held in 2020 and 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The traditional Global Run will continue as one of the core components of social responsibility activities in the coming years.


Singling out contributions to education, the Group:

Sponsored a nationwide Elementary Schools Study Books Support Campaign organized by a national newspaper in 2007, and contributed to a project run jointly by UNICEF and the Ministry of Education to construct two classrooms in Şanlıurfa-Harran.

Completed the construction of dormitories at Erzincan University Refahiye Occupational High School in 2009. The İzzet Y. Akçal Refahiye Student Dormitories comprise 40 separate units in three blocks.

Completed construction of Adnan Menderes University Tourism and Hotel Management College Group in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. The College, since opening its doors in 2009, has produced qualified human resources for the Turkish hospitality industry, while contributing to the cultural richness of Kuşadası and its environs.Completed construction of a 32 classroom elementary school in the town of Denizli in December 2010. In the same period it donated clothing, text books and supplies to the elementary school of the Muş Beşçetak village and also donated computers to numerous schools.

Established the library of Şırnak İpekyolu Primary School in 2012, with the aim of contributing to children’s personal and educational development. Furthermore, the Group donated computers to Istanbul Dumlupınar Primary School, in parallel to its corporate citizenship commitment.

Undertook numerous initiatives to benefit the community in the Group’s home city of Kuşadası and the area surrounding the Port and since 2003 in particular contributed to the community and the Adnan Menderes University Tourism and Hotel Management College. This has included the donation of computers and other equipment to local schools, as well as funding to rehabilitate local beaches, and technical assistance to Turkish state-run institutions. In addition to providing donations to various charities and regular support of those in need, Ege Ports also sponsored local motor sports clubs and provided financial support for the replanting of forest land damaged by fire.

Purchased art inspired by major contemporary and modern Turkish artists from İstanbul Modern, and sent as New Year’s gifts to support the museum.

More information on our sustainability practices are available at our Sustainability Report.


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