Better financial results with sustainability policy

Dear Stakeholders,

We, as Global Yatırım Holding, work under the responsibility we feel towards the society we are in and the world we live in.

We carry out our operations in all areas, including port management, power generation, gas, mining, real estate, and finance, in compliance with environmental legislation and international standards.

As we declare in our Environmental Policy, we are committed to managing and minimizing the environmental impacts arising from our operations, and continuously improving our environmental performance. In order to limit our impacts on climate change, we aim to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and carry out studies and works to reduce energy use and increase energy efficiency at every stage of our operations. In all our operations, we also aim to reduce the use of water and natural resources and achieve the best possible level of efficiency.

Together with our subsidiaries, we continue to contribute to the sustainable world goals while improving our financial results by firm steps. Thanks to our strong corporate governance approach, integrated risk management and internal control mechanisms, we utilize the competitive advantage of being the “first mover”, while our business strategy enables us to rapidly adapt to the ever-changing business environment and market conditions to use attractive investment opportunities in growing industries.

Within the scope of our sustainable growth approach, we adapt to future trends, follow technological developments, invest in R&D and innovation, and manage the value chain in an integrated way, aiming to create value for all our stakeholders while ensuring operational and financial growth.

Global Yatırım Holding (GYH) reported a consolidated net profit of 1.172mn TL in FY 2022, compared to a net loss of TL 111.1mn in FY 2021

2022 consolidated revenues of Global Yatırım Holding (GYH) were announced to be TRY 7,175.5 million, up 300% compared to the previous year, excluding the impact of IFRIC 12. Consolidated operating earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) increased by 493% to TRY 2,520.9 million. This increase was driven by the positive performance of all business lines, including ports, energy, brokerage & asset management, and mining.

Our Gas business line, maintained its solid financial position and recorded significant growth in FY 2022. Citygas sales, whose share in the total sales volume increased gradually in 2021, continued its rapid growth in FY 2022 as well. Revenues increased by 441% yoy in FY 2022, reaching TL 3,7 bn and EBITDA increased by 801% yoy in FY 2022, reaching TL 892mn.

In our port business line, In line with increasing occupancy rates and cruise lines having returned to service with full fleet capacity, revenue and EBITDA generation displayed a robust performance, even exceeding pre-covid 2019 levels. Revenues (excluding IFRIC-12 Construction Revenue) surged by 160% in FY 2022 compared to FY 2019, reaching TL 1.7 bn; while adjusted EBITDA jumped by 141% compared to FY 2019, reaching TL 1.0bn in FY 2022.

The power division’s revenues, operations of which include distributed power (cogeneration/ trigeneration), biomass and solar based renewable energy production, and wholesale energy services, have risen 50% yoy in FY 2022, generating 553mn TL. The division generated 184mn TL EBITDA in FY 2022, indicating a 24% increase yoy, which is mainly attributable to the increase in electricity prices and FX rates.

We actively use opportunities in the field of securities and asset management. In the securities and asset management business line, we increased our revenues by 223%, while EBITDA grew by 254% year-on-year.

We continued our strong development in the mining and real estate business lines, and demonstrated the diversity of our investments.

We aim to add new ports to our portfolio during the year in line with our strategic perspective and to operate these ports in accordance with our sustainability policies.

Ferdağ Ildır

Chief Financial Officer


Cruise and commercial port operating activities


Clean and renewable energy production, compressed natural gas sales and distribution, energy efficiency and mining


Developing and operating real estate projects


Non-banking financial services such as brokerage, advisory and asset management

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