Since the first day of its establishment, Global Investment Holdings has contributed to the development of Turkish capital markets with its diversified and expanding portfolio and future-oriented investment approach that thrives on excellence.

Within the framework of our business strategy, we swiftly adapt to the continuously changing business environment and market conditions to take advantage of the attractive investment opportunities in growing sectors.

We not only evaluate investments made based on their economic success but also expect them to garner permanent results and create value for all our stakeholders. Accordingly, we evaluate the growth potential of the identified sectors through effective risk and market analysis tools and use the first-mover advantage. We manage all our decision-making processes and related work in line with our sustainability approach and corporate governance principles.

Accordingly, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that we prioritize while conducting our activities are summarized below.

Target Purpose SDG
Combating Climate Change and Energy Management Contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions through our renewable energy investments. SKA-6-7-9-13
Waste Management Ensuring sustainable use of natural resources, sustainable waste management (preventing waste generation, preventing, minimizing, reusing and recycling rates in cases where we cannot), to comply with the legislation related to the Zero Waste Management System in the areas where we operate. SKA-12
Supporting Biodiversity Evaluating the effects of our activities on biodiversity, establishing and implementing the necessary policies for the protection of biodiversity. SKA-14-15-17
Occupational Health and Safety Creating the systems needed to eliminate death and injury risks in the areas we operate in, and providing the ideal working environments to protect physical and mental health of our employees. SKA-8
Diversity and Equal Opportunity Creating an inclusive corporate culture that respects differences and supports disadvantaged groups, and managing all business processes with an approach that aims to provide equal opportunities and does not make discrimination based on gender. SKA-5-10


We carry out our activities in all fields, including port management, electricity generation, gas, mining, real estate and finance, in compliance with environmental legislation and international standards, while focusing on adding value to each ESG component during the execution of our operations. As stated in our Environmental Policy, we are committed to managing and reducing the environmental impacts of our business activities and continuously improving our environmental performance. We aim to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to minimize our impact on climate change and we conduct activities to reduce energy use and increase energy efficiency in all stages of our operations. We aim to lower the water consumption and use of natural resources while using them in the most efficient way in all our operations. We are working to reduce and recycle the wastes generated as a result of our activities. We conduct our activities to assess, reduce and recycle waste resulting from our activities at the source, and dispose of them as required by relevant legislation.

We are a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact

Sustainability plays an important role at this point reached in the industry, along with the contributions we have made to our country. Our fair, responsible and accountable management understanding, ethical principles, environmental sustainability efforts, understanding of human rights in a business environment, occupational health and safety, supplier relations and social contributions considered within the scope of our sustainability work constitute an integral part of our business.In line with this approach, we are a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact and committed to the Ten Principles concerning human rights, labor rights, environment and anti-corruption.

Stakeholder engagement

All individuals and institutions that impact and directly affect the operations of Global Investment Holdings constitute the stakeholders of Global Investment Holdings. The main stakeholders of the group are employees, customers, business partners, shareholders, social stakeholders and public institutions. In line with varying needs, we come together with all stakeholder groups via different channels and at varying frequencies.

We are determined to ensure transparent, effective, and active two-way communication channels in our stakeholder communication. Our major communications channels are the company website and Public Disclosure Platform (an electronic system through which electronically signed notifications required by the capital markets and Borsa Istanbul regulations are publicly disclosed), where we share any material development and newsflow. Also, for anti-bribery and corruption reporting, we have an e-mail address for our stakeholders , which is accessible from our corporate website.

Furthermore, we use our corporate social media accounts for timely and continuous communication with our stakeholders. On a quarterly basis, we hold online meetings with investors and analysts with the participation of our Chairman, board members and management. We disclose our quarterly financial and investor presentations as well as major monthly KPIs on our website. Besides, internal audit processes and training programs we conduct for our subsidiaries support our relations with stakeholders.

There are mutual dialogue platforms for stakeholder engagement practices, which constitute the essential element of Global Investment Holdings' sustainability approach, while stakeholder feedback is received on all activities. All feedback received by these mechanisms are reported to the Corporate Governance Committee. Stakeholder expectations, opinions and complaints are considered as the main data in the evaluation of both operational performance and sustainability performance.

Stakeholder Group Frequency of Communication Communication Channels
Customers 7/24 Phone, e-mail, website, meeting, presentation, Public Disclosure Platform
Employees Continuous Phone, email, intranet
Investors / Shareholders Continuous Phone, e-mail, website, meeting, presentation, Public Disclosure Platform
Subsidiaries Continuous Phone, email, intranet, meetings
Research Analysts Very frequenly Phone, e-mail, website, meeting, presentation
International Financial Institutions Upon need Phone, e-mail, website, meeting, presentation
Public Institutions and Regulatory Bodies Upon need Phone, e-mail, website, meeting, presentation
Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) Upon need Phone, e-mail, website, meeting, presentation
International Organizations and Initiatives Upon need Phone, e-mail, website, meeting, presentation
Suppliers Continuous Phone, e-mail, website, meeting, presentation
Media Upon need Phone, e-mail, website, meeting, presentation

Sustainability Priorities

We appointed different business units to establish the Sustainability Committee in 2016 for conducting sustainability studies in a systematic manner, establishing the necessary strategy, objectives and action plan and, integrating these within our corporate structure.

Under the leadership of this Committee and with the support of the top management, we identified the material issues that we need to focus primarily in the field of sustainability by conducting a stakeholder analysis complying with the internationally accepted standard. Our material issues defined at the end of stakeholder analysis are occupational health and safety, sustainable financial growth, business ethics, fair-transparent-accountable management approach, and renewable energy investments.

Our sustainability priorities have been updated with the survey conducted at the end of 2021. This study was realized with the contribution of 282 participants from different stakeholder groups including institutional and retail investors (shareholders), employees, suppliers, subcontractors, public Institutions and regulatory bodies, NGOs, executive management and subsidiaries.

Our material issues matrix

  1. Occupational Health and Safety
  2. Business Ethics
  3. Fair, Transparent and Accountable Management Approach
  4. Sustainable Financial Growth
  5. Renewable Energy
  6. Risk Management Including Environmental, Social and Governance Factors
  7. R&D and Innovation
  8. Human and Employee Rights
  9. Responsible Asset Management
  10. Compliance with Changing Regulations
  11. Contributions to Local Communities
  12. Digitalization
  13. Air and Water Pollution
  14. Climate Change
  15. Equal Opportunities and Diversity
  16. Skill Management
  17. Social Investment Projects
  18. Resource Management
  19. Protection of Biodiversity

BIST Sustainability Index

As GIH, we are included in the BIST Sustainability Index, which includes companies with high corporate sustainability performance and listed on Borsa Istanbul. The Company was included in the index thanks to its continued compliance with the index criteria.

Sustainability Reports

Sustainability management and “The Duties and Working Principles of the Sustainability Committee” may be reached from here. More information on the stakeholder analysis and our material issues are available at our Sustainability Report.

We welcome your notices, opinions and suggestions about sustainability. You can send any feedback to the notification e-mail line:

We prepare our Sustainability Reports in accordance with GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) Standards. In preparing our reports, we also comply with the principles of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), to which we are a signatory, and followed the guidelines of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).


Cruise and commercial port operating activities


Clean and renewable energy production, compressed natural gas sales and distribution, energy efficiency and mining


Developing and operating real estate projects


Non-banking financial services such as brokerage, advisory and asset management

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